When I got my smartphone I was over the moon. I quickly downloaded a variety of apps, from food, fitness, shopping, TV, movie etc… However from doing this blog it has made me think, how many apps have I actually used since I have downloaded them?? From a quick look at my phone I realise that I have downloaded the most bizarre apps which I don’t intend to use. I stumble upon an Indian recipe app which I must have downloaded at some point.  As a college student and a part time worker I barely have the time to make beans on toast never mind try to cook up some new Indian dish. I think a clear out is definitely in order…Have a look at this blog

Technology is evolving at such a fast speed which makes me question, is it time to wave good bye to our mobile apps, and wave hello to mobile websites?!…. I think so.

With an increase in mobile traffic, mobile websites will start to be the face of a business that consumers see. Therefore, a mobile website should not be looked at as some support tool, but as the potential future of businesses online. Mobile websites are available to users across a variety of devices via Internet browser however app users must access app stores specific to their operating system in order to download and install apps prior to being able to access the content. As times are changing and technology is developing faster than a blink of an eye, I think as a society we are becoming more demanding and want access with the click of our fingers. We no longer want to have to download an app and have to update it constantly, do we?… I for one don’t. Therefore I believe it is time for business’s to step up to the mark and provide efficient mobile websites to its customers. As the saying goes ‘The customer is always right’. 

 In a report by Morgan Stanley analysts have charted ‘the most important online trends and predicted the future of the Internet. In addition to forecasting more online shopping and showing the geographical distribution of Internet users’, the study also shows a dramatic shift toward mobile web use. check this mashable link

 From doing research I found out that Google is promoting and accommodating business in the shift from app to mobile. As Google has been big on mobile for a while now, predicting for some time that mobile will grow to be a huge way that people interact with the internet and so far all statistics suggest that Google is right on the money. Google has cleverly taken their mobile ideals a step further, launching a new site, HowToGoMo.com. The site’s purpose is to convince people that they need a mobile version of their site. HowToGoMo is full with the latest data on how people are using mobile devices to interact with the web. It also has a mobile emulator so you can see what your site/ your competitors looks like on a smartphone. There’s a list of agencies and DIY tools for building a mobile site, and finally a download complete with best practices on mobile site design. Check out this website.

I for one trust Google and as the saying goes ‘If Google says it, it must be true’ (quote from marketing professional to be Laura O’Regan)

In this instance, I think Google is on the ball believing that most businesses will need a mobile version of their site. This is particularly true if your business is local and you expect customers to find you, or if you sell products online.

Change is inevitable, and the shift from apps to mobile is happening as you read this. Soon we will have the world in our palm, what more could we ask for. RIP to the App.