einstein-logoWell we are approaching the end of another year and I must say this year has been the most enjoyable for me.  This semester we got to modules that were interesting and interactive. To be honest at the first NTFM class I was apprehensive and a bit cautious about creating blogs. However from these weeks I have enjoyed the experience.  I enjoyed the topics of conversation especially  ‘Is Facebook taking over our lives’ It allowed me to express my own thoughts on the matter and share these views with others. If you haven’t yet read this blog you can check it out on this link.

I also enjoyed learning about new topics. For instance I had never heard of the filter bubble until I did research on it. I found it extremely interesting and have even told many others that hadn’t heard about it what it was and how it affects us all.  Blogs are an excellent  communication medium that I believe from doing this module can prove essential to business in terms of marketing and to individuals who like to express themselves and are open to reading other people’s views on issues.


I have also learned a lot more in terms of how technology affects everyone and everything both directly and indirectly. Some of the statistics about people’s dependency on social media is interesting but a little bit shocking to believe. When I began my marketing course in first year I didn’t realise how technology in whatever job I get in the future will play significant role. However from doing this module. I have learned about linkdIn, pinterest and instagram, social media sites which I never heard of. We are living in the ‘ Century of Technology’ and this module has taught me of the importance of technology in the marketing world and how important it is for us marketers to keep up with changing and new technology. Here is a YouTube clip which I enjoyed watching.

So the end is near and I have thoroughly enjoyed this module. I have enjoyed creating blogs, learning about different types of social media, people’s dependency of social media, watching TED videos and most of all giving me the opportunity to express my views and open my mind to those of others.


On that note I bid farewell, but don’t go far, never mind becoming addicted to Facebook and Twitter I think I have become a ‘blogaholic’ ( yes I made up this ‘original’ word ) Thanks NTFM!!!